1. Disney, http://www.disneystore.com

2. Is an online store were you can order an clothes, bed sheets, toys, and any type of special dinning utensil.  Their is like a member sign up to were you can get special discounts that are available after a certain about of purchase.

3. This site is for young kids, teens and even adults.  The Disney store makes clothes for all ages and toys for young kids and teens.  It is a great place to shop if you are interested in Disney outfits and toys. Also their are a lot of old classic Disney movies.

4.  To sell products such as clothes, toys, movies, bed sheets, some dinning appliances, and special offers.  This story sells items that are for all ages, so it is a great birthday, Christmas, and any special holiday.

5. This site uses a JSP file name, Javascript, and may use some html formating.  A customer is able to pay and shop for items online and put it in their own shopping cart.  Use some flash to show video and advertisement clips.



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