Government Sites


Each website has their own personal set up to surf the site but their are a few similarities that each site carries even though it may be formated differently.  For instance: each site has a little slide show presentation to advertise what they do in the office or around the community, how they do their work on the job.  The Federal Bureau Investigation, Central Intelligence Service, and National Guard have their slide show around the middle of the site, while Agricultural Research Service has a smaller slide show presentation on the top of the page under the title.  The FBI and Central Intelligence Service use a version of blue in their background, a symbol of an eagle in the middle of the design that was created for the government office, also their name and the United States are in the circle symbol for the company.  The National Guard uses a flag as their symbol to represent protection of their country.  The agricultural Research Service uses more of a slide show to represent nature with some mountains, flowers, strawberries, and birds.

Each site are similar but they are also different because they all advertise different objects and job opportunities.   The FBI tells how they are an organization to protect our national security,  Agricultural Research Service tells how they are the chief  scientific research agency finding solutions to agricultural problems, Central Intelligence Service is also a national security organization that helps protect the United States, and the National Guard is one of the military branches that enables its troops to respond to domestic emergencies, combat missions, counterdrug efforts, reconstruction missions and more—all with equal speed, strength and efficiency.

Each site advertises their their page pretty well with their visual designs tell what their site is all about.  Each site uses a particular color or colors to show what they are trying to show that helps prove a example of what they do at the job through national security, research for agricultural, and an army that is will to go fight for the freedom of our country.