Media Business: Media and Advertising

This articles talks about the media through TV stations and local news channels.  Brain Stelter a reporter looking into what viewers like to watch and what top 10 channels make the most income to be able to bring new shows to their station.  It was very interesting in the Brain and other managers had to say in order to promote more business to their channel.  For instance, the History Channel over the summer had  nearly 1.6 million viewers a night  in the months of June and July, and up to 1.2 million in the same months last summer because of new series like “Pawn Stars” and “Top Shot”.  USA, TNT, Fox News, Nick at Nite, History, TBS, A&E, Discovery, ESPN and ABC Family — draw almost a third of all the viewers over the summer because of new show coming out.  ESPN helps out TNT through their NBA Finals showcase to viewers who love basketball.  The Closer, The Shield, Secret Life of American Teenage,  and even Covert Affairs, brings viewers to USA, FX, and ABC Family.  Even though some of these show are popular each channel still has been losing ratings and viewers because they are not pleasing the audience in what they are looking for.  This was very interesting because TV is a high in high demand in American especially with youth through adults because they are looking for a show that will entertain their minds.


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