New York Times: Business/Media: Is There a Ford (News Conference) in Your Future?

So if I was reading correctly, this article is about Ford  and how they advertise so of their product through coffee and soda commercials.  (The commercials echo in an updated way those vintage spots for Folgers coffee that came to be known as the “Folgers switch”).   Also they seem to bring to mind to their patrons that they are advertising for a commercial when instead they are coming to a news conference to look at ask question about a new Ford.  During this time cameras are around to video this actors while they are here advertising.


New York Times: Business/Media: U.S. Seeks New Limits on Food Ads for Children

Over the past several years obesity has become a big crisis with children and youth.  The government has announced that all fast food restaurants have to limit how they  (advertises cereal, soda pop, snacks, restaurant meals and other foods to children).  The government has also announced that restaurants have to make their food healthier in order to start bring down the obesity rate of children. The way fast food has been advertising their happy meals is by adding a toy so the child has something to play with while they eat their greasy cheeseburger and salty fries and drinking some type of soda which is just a bunch of empty carbs. that does not help the body at all.  We need to promote foods with better quality nutrition which will actually help our bodies rather than destroying them.

Tech: Robots at Work

Technology has improved some much over the years with computer, newer cars with an electric battery so all you have to do is charge it from your plug at home, robotic body parts for instance arms and legs or some type of artificial body part.  This article was about a man who was suffering from a stroke and the head doctor was not their so they used a tele-robot to get a hold of the doctor who was out of town at a different campus.  He diagnosed the patient and helped the nurse who were their to be instructed to get rid of the clot from the stroke.  Soon robots will be able to do everything without a person their for support.  I would not mind this but I would prefer if a doctor was their supervising the robot in case something went wrong.

Media Business: Media and Advertising

This articles talks about the media through TV stations and local news channels.  Brain Stelter a reporter looking into what viewers like to watch and what top 10 channels make the most income to be able to bring new shows to their station.  It was very interesting in the Brain and other managers had to say in order to promote more business to their channel.  For instance, the History Channel over the summer had  nearly 1.6 million viewers a night  in the months of June and July, and up to 1.2 million in the same months last summer because of new series like “Pawn Stars” and “Top Shot”.  USA, TNT, Fox News, Nick at Nite, History, TBS, A&E, Discovery, ESPN and ABC Family — draw almost a third of all the viewers over the summer because of new show coming out.  ESPN helps out TNT through their NBA Finals showcase to viewers who love basketball.  The Closer, The Shield, Secret Life of American Teenage,  and even Covert Affairs, brings viewers to USA, FX, and ABC Family.  Even though some of these show are popular each channel still has been losing ratings and viewers because they are not pleasing the audience in what they are looking for.  This was very interesting because TV is a high in high demand in American especially with youth through adults because they are looking for a show that will entertain their minds.

Journalism: 10,000 Words

This article was about navigating journalism online through social networking sites and design.  Maurice Cherry the editor for this article was interviewing George Kelly an online coordinator at the Contra Costa Times (a Bay Area News Group daily newspaper) in Walnut Creek, CA.  The article talks about how you can make an organization news pages on facebook if a business man does not have the budget to do a full on (robust stats platforms) for updating stats and news feeds.   Also near the the middle of the page it gives some insight on how journalist gain humor from other sites since they rarely have a break from writing an different articles from news reports to keep their own site updated for viewers to read what is happening in the world.