Entertainment Weekly: Entertainment

1. Entertainment Weekly, http://www.ew.com

2. Is a site that tells of new releases of movies, television, music, and books.  Talks about actors and actresses, what is the latest news on movies from their gross each week and how they are doing in the theaters.

3. Probably around the ages of 18 on up for men and women.  Looking to go to a movie for the family or on a date wanting to see what may be good and appropriated for different age groups.  Details of a particular movie that has been out for a few months and new release to get rates on a movie.

4. Getting information out on a movie so the public will be interested in a movie that they might want to see.  This site may be a little to complicating for some people because of so many advertisement that are on the website.

5. Uses html formating, has a search engine so you can search for movies, TV shows, music, etc.  Picture for advertisement.