The City Church: Non-Profit

1. The City Church,

2. Pastor Wendell describes the church as multi-denominational. The City Church underscores its commitment to diversity within its stated mission “to build a New Testament local church and proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ to young and old, rich and poor, red and yellow, black and white, and extend the kingdom of God by building people, families, and leaders-first in our city, and then in the ends of the earth.”

They place high priority on social service and assistance to those in need. Through a ministry called the City Ministries, the church helps to feed more than 20,000 people a week and, through a food distribution network, supplies 150 different churches with food for their communities.

3. City Church reaches out to men, women, and children who love to worship and learn about God’s grace.  They have small groups that are outreach programs to go minister to people in Seattle and Kirkland because they believe in raising followers of Jesus to preach to the community first and then ministering to the world.

4. An emphasis on “the generation pipeline,” is central to the church’s efforts. This includes strategic, vibrant ministry for every age population from City Kids to Generation Plus, the church’s ministry to senior adults. Central to The City Church’s mission is reaching thousands by making God famous in their city. To be able to preach the gospel in many areas of the city, the church has adopted a multi-campus emphasis.

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